You Need to Know!

Everybody says I’m the best resource for anything they need to find out about! Probably that’s because being a Realtor, I’m a published suspense author. In both realms, I’m accustomed to asking lots of questions and getting lots of answers!

For my very first blog on WordPress, I’d like to introduce you to a high school in the northwest suburbs. Wheeling High School in Wheeling, Illinois on Rt. 83 and Hintz Rds. is a school you need to know about, especially if you’ve got a student who excels in math, science and technology.

This fall, Wheeling became one of a handful of high schools in the state to receive a grant implementing the STEM program; a comprehensive high school with a focus in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. In August, educators, business leaders, and political leaders throughout Illinois came to WHS to discuss new programs and initiatives that will prepare students for the workforce of the future.

This Program will focus on teaching students of all socioeconomic levels to achieve success in the new economy. As a former educator, I envision higher performance scores in the math and science subtests of the ACT, leading to increased college/university options for these students.

For more information, log onto Wheeling High School, or just give me a holler!