Sellers and Buyers Looking for Some Action? Jump into the Real Estate Market!

Since January 2013, a scarcity of housing inventory in the Chicago ‘burbs has caused a figurative gold rush in the real estate marketplace! In the North and Northwest Suburbs, for example, investors and buyers engage in bidding wars on almost every townhouse or single family home that pops up on the MLS Multiple Listing Service! Depending on the property’s location, condition, and price, it’s common for sellers to receive two to ten multiple offers within a matter of days!

This sense of urgency on part of buyers is especially apparent during the months leading up to the fast-approaching school year, as parents want their families settled into their new dwelling when school begins.

Two other driving forces include slowly climbing house prices, coupled with rising interest rates. In January 2013, a fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage could be had for 2.5% interest, while current interest rates waver between 4.5 and 4.75%. This increase adds a couple hundred dollars on to the buyer’s monthly mortgage.

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Buffalo Grove Great Frame Up

Have you gone through an economic period where puzzles were the only art pieces you could afford? Ever thought about reframing those hand-me-down pictures, paintings, posters, or maps? How about brand new wall hangings? The Great Frame Up in Buffalo Grove at 765 S. Buffalo Grove Road, 60090 can effectively service all your framing needs — all for a great price.

When my kids were little, I put together my share of puzzles during their nap time. Everything from Rousseau to Renoir, with a little bit of wild animals thrown in for good measure. The Great Frame Up made them all look authentic — a bit scary for the kids, but whatever!

Recently, The Great Frame Up worked with me to re-frame a handful of paintings I’d picked up at local arts & crafts fairs. What I liked was that I had a choice of assembling those frames under the manager’s expert instruction, or having her assemble them for me. This time around, I chose Option I. My husband even joined me in the endeavor — a new shared adventure, to say the least.

Give Sharon at The Great Frame Up in Buffalo Grove a call and tell her Jennie Spallone from Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Buffalo Grove sent you. You’ll be glad you did!