Rechargeable Batteries in Mt. Prospect

Batteries Plus in Mt. Prospect, Ill. gave me back my sanity — or should I say, rechargeable battery

Fifteen months ago, I bought a display model, palm-held Samsung video recorder from Best Buy in Arlington Heights, Ill. Rather than try out my new video recorder right away, I stored it in a “safe place” so it wouldn’t get lost. When it was time to record my son’s basketball game, I’d forgotten the location of that “safe place.”

By the time I found my video recorder, the one year warranty was over. The Geek Squad at Best Buy referred me to Batteries Plus where Glen sold me the difficult-to-find rechargeable battery. Batteries Plus sells every kind of battery imagineable. When it comes to batteries, they’ve got the answers! Check them out at


They’re Terrific Real Estate Attorneys!

These days, it’s common to plop down in a seat at the real estate closing table  only to learn the mortgage banker didn’t come through with the buyer’s loan, or the seller neglected to get a final water meteor reading! Minor bumps in the road, to be sure, but still annoying.

That’s why, whether I’m representing a buyer or a seller, I love using Buffalo Grove Attorneys David Stollman, Elliott Hartstein, and their wonderful paralegal, Patty Jacobson, They’re right on point when it comes to getting documents researched, questions answered, and staying in communications with all parties.

Most important, they’ve smoothed many a ruffled real estate transaction in their time. For this, I say thanks guys….